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      Our quartz glass optical windows are resistant against high temperature and pressure and can be applied mainly in such fields as special light sources, optical instrument, optical electronics, military equipment, metallurgy, semi-conductor, and optical communications. Their experimental temperature is 1200 degrees and softening temperature 1730 degrees. Detailed parameters are given as follows:
1.JGS1( Extreme UV optical quartz glass)
It is a high-purity optical quartz glass made by oxyhydrogen flame melting. Its satisfactory UV light transmission performance surpass all the other glass types in particular in the shortwave UV zone and can achieve a 90% transmission rate at the wavelength of 185nm. Hence it is an ideal choice for applications in the wavelength range of 185-2500nm.
2.JGS2 (UV optical quartz glass)
It is an optical quartz glass made by oxyhydrogen flame melting and is suggested for applications in the wavelength range of 220-2500nm.
3. JGS3 (Infrared quartz glass)
It has a good performance of infrared light transmission with a transmittance of over 85%. It is recommended for applications in the wavelength range of 260-3500nm

Quartz glass characteristics

Table 1.          
Mechanical Property Reference Value
Density 2.2g/cm3
Compressive Strength 1100Mpa
Bending Strength 67Mpa
Tensile Strength 48Mpa
Poisson's Ratio 0.140.17
Elastic Modulus 72000Mpa
Shearing Modulus 31000Mpa
Mohs Hardness 5.56.5
Table 2.          
Mechanical Property Reference Value
Deformation Point 1280
Softening Point 1780
Annealing Point 1250
Specific Heat(20~350℃) 670J/kg.
Thermal Conductivity(20℃) 1.4W/m.
Refractive Index 1.4585
Coefficient of thermal expansion 5.510-7cm/cm.
Hot work temperature 17502050
The temperature for a short time 1300
The temperature for a long time 1100
Table 3.          
Electrics Property Reference Value
Resistivity 7107Ω.cm
Dielectric Strength 250400Kv/cm
Dielectric Constant 3.73.9
Dielectric absorption coefficient <4104
Dielectric loss coefficient <1104

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