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Cater for our clients needed, we keep working and improving in our production, trying our best to work out more and more quartz products.

Quartz Ban Heater

Mainly apply to car lacquer oven, glass machining, plastic, powder spread, typographic, paper making, textile, environmentalist, semiconductor, water treatment, food processing, analytical, pharmacy industry field. Our specialization products turn into relevant filed of excellent products.

U shape Quartz Tube

U Shape Quartz Tube tight size tolerance, slinky form and excellent feature. Melting point at 1730 degree, mainly apply for Thermocouples, samplers and high temperature parts. This products providing to Europe, America, the all and the one quality accord with international standard.

Ceramic Caps

This is fittings for many quartz heating element manufacturers, purchase quartz tube at the meanwhile, dont you need to look around for the match ceramic caps. We have many sizes available and we are able to make accoring to your drawing.

Helical Quartz Heater (insulating sheath):
  • Tube outer diameter: 7-25 mm.
  • Helical -outer diameter: 80-350mm.
  • Helical height: 50-500 mm.
  • Heat resistance: 1100Co.
  • Total number of rings in one helical:20
  • tube pitch ie. no air gab between rings: 0


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