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Twin-tube quartz heater

Due to the design of an“ 8” cross figure double tubes, it is very advantageous to increase the length of heating wires, enlarge the output power, and save the space. Suitable for application under the circumstances of limited space, and high power output.

Twin-tube quartz heater with gold reflector coating

The gold reflector coating treatment on one side of tube shortens the reflection distance. This design has obviously increased efficiency of electrical heating radiation, eliminated the need of reflection cover, saved the space, and reduced energy loss.

Assembly drawing

Twin Quartz Tube Halogen Lamp

GianTek continues to grow in ways that address the specific needs of heater,

This product is specially designed for those users who have limited space. Due to the gold reflector coating, the reflecting cover is not necessary, and the floor space saved accordingly. It is very suitable for small space, high power and instant heat up requirement.

Voltage range 220V~520V
Max Capacity 12000Watt
Heating Length 100mm ~3000mmL

Various specifications and shapes

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