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Quartz Content Vase

Content (ML): 25-2000
Spec Size (MM)
Vase Neck: 38-160
Vase Height : 120-300
Neck Diameter : 10-50

Apparatus & Vessel

Pressure Vessel, High purity water distil tower, vitriol/ nitric acid/ hydrochloric acid purify tower; other kind of quartz apparatus and vessel.
Different kind of optical window, high-temperature resistant watching window, UV and infrared various purpose quartz glass.

- Optical Quartz glass Plate
- High-temperature resistant, High-pressure resistant quartz glass watching plate
- Milky white quartz pla

         Physical Properties:

          density: 2.2 g/cm2
          Mohs hardness: 6.7?
          Youngs modulus:7.4X104MPa
          compressive strength:2X104 MPa
          Poissons ratio:0.17
          refractive index:1.4585
          specific heat(J/KG.K)(0-50)670
          Resistivity:[ohm cm @ 350oC 7x10
          dielectric constant(1MHZ) 3.75
          tensile strength:70 MPa
          shear strength: 70 MPa
          hot coefficient of expansion 0.5x10-6/oC

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