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Structure Principle :

Far infrared Quartz element use our own translucent quartz tube prepare with electrothermal material, so as to heat element has credible far infrared radiation feature: when galvanized, electrothermal material send out infrared light and visible light, part of 97% absorb by the translucent quartz tube, and tube body itself heat up increased and come into being silicon oxygen molecule and vibration radiation far infrared ray. Overcome the disadvantagel of visible and infrared by using transparent quartz tube. Thereby effectually bring electricity energy into far infrared ray.


Far infrared heating element as well translucent quartz tube as infrared radiation, without surface coating, without infectant, without bad radiation, excellent chemic & heat stability, high temperature resistant, various shaped, ametabolic long using, Heating temperature selective, unchangeable radiation ability in long-term. Long using life, Structure reasonable, infinitesimal heat inertia, make used of convenient.

Notes of installing and usin g 

1. Installed flatly the gradient is no more than 30
2. Match stainless steel reflect cover or aluminum reflects cover with the while using, the plane or paraboloid reflected cover. Paraboloid reflected cover is the best.
3. Avoid violent vibration and wave.
4. The distance of heater component and heating thing should be at optimum control about 100 --400 mm.
5. Quartz heater component belongs to the fragility material. Take care when install and use, when using according to the concrete conditions of the heating matter, take essential shelter measure, and avoid making machinery damage.
6. The heater component's survey life-span is 20,000 hours; the milky white quartz tube's life-span can reach 10 years. In order to improve radiation efficiency, remove dirt and dust on the tube's surface regularly.

Standard Properties

Outer Diameter

Length 300-3000mm
Power 0.3-6 KW
voltage 110V/220V/380V
Using Life =>20000 hours / single tube
Surface Temperature - low temperature: 400-600 ℃
- Medium temperature: 600 – 800 ℃
- High temperature: 800-1000 ℃
Relative Radiation Strong transmission at far infrared, compared with other kinds far infrared products, when the wavelength >6Lj, radiation energy is particularly remarkable
Spectrum Emmisivity No coat, translucent quartz tube effect as radiation and also function as support and isolation
Speciality High radiation, less heat inertia, own heat energy only 10% of carborundum and metal tube, heat inertia < 20 seconds. Specially apply for intermittence craftwork, even better for continuity working.

Technical parameter:

Far infrared quartz heater component voltage is 110/220V/380V or other voltage grades needed by users.
1. Length 300 - 3,000 mm; Outer diameter: Φ10-50mm; Power: 0. 3-6KW. Our company can also process, design, produce goods according to each technical parameter of user's special request.
2. Surface temperature of heater divides into three grades: Low temperature: 400℃ --600℃ mid temperature: 600℃ --800℃ high temperature: 800℃ --1000 ℃
3. Relative radiation characteristic: This quartz heater component has strong transmission at far infrared, compared with other kinds far infrared products, when the wavelength >6Lj, radiation energy is particularly remarkable.
4. The spectrum emissivities: The quartz heater the component have no coating, and milky white quartz tube playing a radiation role promptly, also supporting and insulate role.
5. Radiation rate is high, and hot inertia is small, milky white quartz tubes' hot energy is only 10% of the carborundum and metal tube, Hot inertia is < 20 seconds. It is specially suitable for the production technology of the intermittence type , the continuous type is better!

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